Three Ways to Look at Strategic Planning

Strategic Business PlanningYou and Your Business Need  Strategic Planning

  • You can, easily, create the plan of where you want to be in the next 3 months, 6 months, year, or more.
  • With how you’re going to get there.
  • And, enjoy the process!

Creating Your Own Business Plan is Strategic Planning – There’s No Perfect Way to Do It, But…

This really is the way to tame the mind clutter and uncertainty, so you can get focused, get clients, and get profits coming in without wasting a lot of time and energy.

You can:

  • Write your own One-Page Business plan.
  • Which will include your mission statement, vision statement, goals, and marketing plan. This becomes your affirmation and guide to help your inner and outer environments stay clutter free.

One Way to Look at Your Business Planning…

  • It will keep you on a more systematic business journey to success and more quickly.

Helping the one-person business get beyond:

  • Overwhelm – And, keeping your business running more smoothly.
  • Struggling with figuring out what needs to be done next.
  • Frustration – All of your ideas can get out of your head so you know what actions you can implement and when.
  • Losing too much time and money because you aren’t organized.

What Are the Three Ways to Look at Strategic Planning for Your Business?

1. Strategic Understanding

Strategic planning is meant to help your with your Business Model and bring out your own originality for business.

2. Setting a Strategic Course

When you start your strategic planning for your business, you’ll also be thinking about the issues and the opportunities.

  • This will include your goals, and the tactics you’ll put together to achieve those goals.

3. The Basics of Strategic Planning

Your strategic business plan is the process by which you’ll set your intentions for accomplishing short-term and long-term objectives.

  • Objectives provide you direction for where you want to go.

Strategic planning is your road map that your business will take in an effort to reach your objectives.

  • Then your tactical plan is where you write down your specific actions and tasks that will help complete your goals (objectives).

And, speaking on tactical planning’s nuts and bolts:

  • It is true the your tactical plan can be your short-term action plan.

Tactical planning breaks down your bigger-picture goals and strategies into reachable and actionable tasks. Like discovering:

  • Who are my customers?

  ==> Once your have an idea of who your perfect customer is, you can write out some goals on how to connect with them.

So from your Strategic Plan, the road map, you’ll get your Tactical Planning, which are the action steps on your journey.

Your business goals and strategies will take your vision and give it the actions that make your plans, ideas, and desires real.

It is an amazing way of helping you sort through all your ideas and turn them into something productive and focused.

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