The Key to Mindset Shifts?

The-Key-to-Mindset-Shifts?You can quickly change your mindset from being “stuck”.

Did you know that your mindset is determined by the questions you ask yourself?

So how do you know what questions will help you have a great mindset…

  1. Asking questions of curiosity without judgment allows progress, possibilities, and opportunities. Bringing about more growth within yourself and your business.

Ex: What’s possible? Rather than, why bother?

  1. Judgment and defensiveness comes when we focus on problems, instead of solutions.

Ex: Shooting down new ideas based on your old beliefs.

It’s very easy to buy into not believing you don’t have the ability to create something better in your business.

Just by changing your questions, to yourself and others, you can start shifting mindsets and behaviors that can give you much better and bigger results, from yourself and others.

You already know, or have read, that changing your negative self-talk into positive (curiosity, growth) self-talk on a consistent basis is more empowering and builds you up.

And, you can become good at, or even better than good, if you are persistent in wanting it. Putting time and effort into it. Consistently growing into what you want and taking actions for a better mindset consistently with purpose.

Key Step:

Work on your mindset…

–      Pay attention to your questions.  Are you a curiosity asker or do ask judgment questions?

–      Become more connected to your inner self. Start tapping into your inner self-talk and changes will start to happen for you.

–      It does take consistency in your efforts, focus, and actions.

The thing is success doesn’t happen by accident.

Having a good mindset can’t insure success, but not having a good mindset can pretty much guarantee disappointment.


In a curiosity (growth) mindset, you believe that your most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

==> Your knowledge and expertise are just the starting points.

I’ve read that mindsets become fixed at an early age, but your motivation is more of your state of thinking.

Your mindset can be a journey of self-discovery and your motivation may expand what you need and want. How can You work these together?

Having a growth mindset does create motivation and productivity.

Just what you want for your business.

==> What is your entrepreneurial mindset on this?

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3 thoughts on “The Key to Mindset Shifts?

  • February 2, 2014 at 11:14 am

    I always feel that I am somehow guided to the posts that really deal with what I’ve been trying to do or learning. They normally add to my experience and learning.

    Your post is just right for what I’ve been reading and learning from two great books: “The Go Giver” and “Go Givers sell More” Especially about asking the right questions when building relationships. Question about them not ourselves.

    The principles you talk about can be applied to life as a whole, not just business but also personal relationships, exactly like the Go Giver books.

    Great Post, thanks 🙂
    Liliana Marsden recently posted..Distribute Press ReleasesMy Profile

    • February 3, 2014 at 5:05 am

      Thanks, Liliana – So glad you came by again – And, you are so right – I’ll check out the books you are reading! 🙂

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