Do You Need This Blogging Tip?

Recently I was asked about this blogging tip:this-blogging-tip

“If you could only give one tip to bloggers, what would it be and why?”

It’s taken me a few years to figure this out for myself.

Putting this blogging tip into my own words took some thinking back to my own struggles and why I had them.

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Need a Successful Social Media Content Marketing Plan?

successful-Social-Media-content-marketing-planYes! Your successful Social Media content marketing plan is a most essential ingredient for your business success.

To get a successful Social Media content marketing plan together is to understand what’s involved and how it will be implemented.

Your goals:

  • Work out what you want and what you hope can be achieved by putting into place a successful Social Media content marketing plan.

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Want Social Media Marketing Around Your Blog?

blog & social media 1 Do you have a plan for Social Media marketing around your blog? 

Think about your blog, Social Media, and your email marketing as a 3D version of your experience, skills, and capabilities to serve your targeted audience and give them what they want from you.

Golden Nugget Tip: Make them want more! Impress them with your content. Make it shareable.

So why is Social Media marketing around your blog so important?

Your blog is your place to send everyone to where you have a ‘get to know YOU and your business better’ platform.

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You Want Social Media

want-social-mediaWhy do you want Social Media?

Social Media isn’t a sign on a store that pulls your customers in to shop.

Are you running a business, or want more visitors to your blog?

==> If you really want Social Media to work for you?

Become a resource for your customers, and readers, so they’ll want to keep coming to see what you have to offer.

It’s a nurturing way to connect and talk with your customers.

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Can You Build a Small Business Audience?

Build a Small Business AudienceEvery small business relies on an audience.

A small, local business relies on new and repeat customers to walk into their store. They build up a customer ‘list’ and fans. Hoping that those customers will tell others about their store. Widening their audience reach.

Today, the Internet presents a huge opportunity for small businesses to grow their list of possible customers. Building an online community, their audience, which is giving them access to be able to share their services and products.

Having more sites to post to with so many Social Media real estate online, is an essential way to grow your small business.

As your site is linked to other relevant sites, your light shines even more. More people and search engines have the opportunity of seeing you in more places.

  • This is just the start of how to build links back to your online site for SEO and traffic and stand a chance for your online site to be found, and build more of an audience for your small business.

Google loves it when you post your work all over the web. And Google loves it even more when you play with their own toys…like Google+ and YouTube. Read more