3 Proven Ways to Build Your Email List

List-Building-classHave you thought about why you would want to build your email list?

There are enormous opportunities for increasing your readers’ engagement when you present email as another way to connect regularly.

#1 Make it easy for your readers to sign up for your email list. 

If you ask for as little information as you need…

They just may want to give you their email and name in exchange for your gift of value that they would like to have!

Let me explain …

You first need to have an optin form, your call to action (CTA) that offers them a gift in exchange for their information.

  • It’s the greatest action tactic to help you convert blog/website traffic into loyal readers and move them into paying customers.

Here’s my selfie CTA for my own class to teach you how to build your email list…

As I’ve said before… Read more

Got a Secret Blog?

got-a-secret-blogI’m guessing you don’t really want a secret blog.

If you’re like me…

#1: You want to get more traffic, visitors to your blog.

#2: You want to understand how traffic will benefit your blog.

Let’s talk a bit about #1 ~ Getting more traffic – unless you do want a secret blog?

I use organic traffic by building informative content (at least that’s my goal!), backlinks, search engine optimization, and Social Media promotion to attract visitors.

Along with setting up systems.

Your routine could be…

  • Trying to get visitors to your site by spending as much time promoting your site as you do writing your blog post. Because I don’t think you really want a secret blog!

Understanding traffic is #2 of not having a secret blog.

This means that you actually take actions to go public with your blog! Read more