Your Business Fortune

business-fortuneYour Business Fortune is in Building Your List.

Once your blog or website is up on the Internet – Your business fortune starts by the still astonishing fact that anyone in the world can view and buy your product.

We all know by now that is the most recognizable name in the world.

“Fact is, if you possess the knowledge of how to grow and profit from opt-in lists, you can pretty much write your own ticket.” Jimmy D. Brown

Can you benefit from these list building business fortune quick tips:

Are you doing all you can to grow your database, remembering that your business fortune is in the follow? You don’t want to be left behind by not using list building as your killer strategy! Read more

Need 3 Business Leads Secrets?


Once you have your Free Experience (this is your offering gift of value – an e-book, lessons, video, report, etc.) designed and ready to give away to your prospective clients – What are the business leads secrets that can help?

There can be a lot of moving parts to your leads generating machine. But, what are the business leads secrets that make a huge difference? Read more

Secret Client Lead Formula

Secret-Client-Lead-FormulaLeads are everywhere.

Focused persistence is the key to more clients, but it doesn’t come naturally and is doesn’t happen by accident.

You can take your business further with this secret client lead formula. But, are you up to it?

Many of us are hoping that there is a product that will just help us get leads without having to worry and work at it. The so called push button techniques have drained the bank accounts of many of us.

What separates you from those making money in their business online and offline? You want that secret now… Read more

3 Secrets to Building Your Quality List

qualityAs a small business, you want ways to not just grow your business, but to thrive and prosper.

You must be continually adding the right prospects to your list

Once you know the strategies for building your quality list, you’ll find it to be vital to your success as an entrepreneur, online and offline.

Start now to insure you have the tactics in place…

List Building Secret #1 – Make Your Content Relevant

This Keeps Your Subscribers Happy And Boosts The Amount Of People Who Will Recommend Your Newsletter To Their Friends.

One of the biggest problems I see newsletter and content writers have online is that they write about subjects no one in their market is really interested in (unless it is a paid ebook). They just write about whatever they think people want to know about without doing any of the research, which is a huge ‘no-no’

This problem can be solved,  when you have your market well defined.

You write content in your newsletters that interests your readers. There is no use having an ezine on coin collecting and running articles on stamp collecting just because you couldn’t be bothered finding the right content for your for your coin collecting information.

3 Power Steps to Success in Business

Business SuccessPower Step #1.    Know what is your goal for building your list.

EX: List building, opt-ins, selling, creating connections, a certain percentage of conversions?

Most of us know that effective list attraction, retention and monetization skills are ESSENTIAL for long-term success or just to get started!

==> This means you set up a develop smart habits – set up a routine from your plan, and stay consistent in reaching your goal.

Power Step #2. Your prospective clients need to know what to do when they visit your online site. Read more

Build an Online List

List Building OnlineOne of the most challenging steps to making money online is to build a list, a ‘responsive’ opt in list is your real goal. Not just “Build a List.”

  • The money is in the list, right? We’ve been hearing that since day 1 of Internet Marketing 101.

Yes, it is in the list, or more accurately, the ‘relationship’ with the list.

  • So once you have a list started, you begin email marketing…

I’ve read that a large (95%) percentage of people subscribing to your list will probably never purchase what you have to offer whether it is affiliate programs or your own products/services. But that’s OK – as you keep in touch, you’ll build that relationship with more of your education marketing to your list.

And, the more you keep in touch with your list in positive ways,  each person will start to trust, like and find you credible, then more will step up.

==> That’s one of the reasons we are persistent!

  • In order to build any list you need to entice visitors to your blog, website or landing page with something of very high value. Read more

How to Build a Mailing List

If you have been in business for any length of time, you know about how to build a mailing list. There’s nothing new about learning the concept of how to build a mailing list, or list building.

For years we have written down contact information, or put business cards in our Rolodex.  Business owners have normally regular customers and vendors with whom they keep connected with. When you know how to build a mailing list, you discover that it is still one of the most effecitve and least costly ways to communicate with and build your customer base. Read more