How To Convert Your Passion To Income

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Did You Know That Living Off Your Passion Is a Right – For Everyone?

I bet you there’s something you love doing that someone else would be happy to pay you for right this second.

Let me ask you a few questions:

1.  What are the things that consistently allow certain people to build a business and living around the things they love most, but allow the other 80% of the world to continue to drag themselves, day in and day out, to a job they can’t stand? Read more

Are You Stuck in Business?

stuck-in-businessI didn’t know that I felt stuck in business the first 2 years of my coaching!


I could pick from a wide range of potential options.  I was unclear how to narrow down my choices and focus on one to get me moving.

Whew! So many decisions.

I just could not get the understanding what I was passionate about in business and find any one way to move and make a choice.

Have you ever felt that way?

But, what did you do?

Here’s what I felt I needed to do as I started to focus on getting unstuck in business and I listened to my intuition (of course) to lead me on what to do next.

If you’re not yet used to tuning into your inner self… Read more

Do You Have Doubts?

Do you have doubts in businessDo you have doubts about your business? 

That is, are you committed to your passion, purpose, vision and have inspired actions. Or are you stumbling along?

Building a business is hard work.

I write and teach a lot about strategies and taking actions. However, putting soul into your business brings about the best of worlds. Does your business have soul?

  • Let’s think about the ‘soul’ in your business. Read more

5 Things Needed To Succeed In Business

Business SuccessSuccess begins with a state of mind. We must want it enough to believe we’ll be successful in order to become a success.

Many of us start our own businesses because we want more choices in our life. And, working for someone else just is not appealing anymore. We want to control our destiny and fulfill our vision.

Starting and taking care of our own business success is a great adventure, with many challenges to grow. And, as we grow, so grows our business.

I know there are 5 things needed to succeed in business: Read more

The Secret? It’s You!

secretBuilding a successful business is the result of YOU  combining specific business skills. Including marketing, branding and client attraction.

Yet, many small businesses get stuck on where to begin and look instead at how to get their business jump-started. A quick fix, hoping to bring in quick results.

You just need to make incremental progress towards your dream every day.

It’s YOU taking action to make it happen…with these Secrets.

Secret #1 Your Passion – Keeps commitment strong.

Think about what makes you want to start your day and what keeps you motivated… Read more