Article Marketing Tips

5 Article Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

1. Write articles on your area of expertise and submit them online to the top article directories. Articles are a great way to establish yourself as an expert as well as build quality links and bring visitors to your opt-in page or blog.

2. Market specifically. If your article is about “How to Attract Clients and Turn Them Into Read more

5 Ideas for Your Blog Posts

5 Ways to Find Blogging Ideas

There is no need to ever run out of ideas for articles or blog posts, you could write posts for days and still never run out of ideas. I mostly feel like I am dry when I am tired or in a rush – so take a calm breath or a short walk and come back because you can:

1. Read Within Your Online or Offline Niche

Pretty obvious one that, but one you might have forgotten.  Subscribe to blogs and websites within your niche.  Search for articles that others have written – not to copy, but to inspire. Read more