Successful Marketing Formula

There’s a little-known successful marketing formula that you need to check out, understand and use in all the marketing you do. This is a most successful marketing formula and can be used when speaking, advertising, sending direct mail, on your online site, and more.

It was officially put into writing in 1898, and has been used in almost every industry since

This formula has proven successful for many, many decades, especially in direct response marketing. It’s called the AIDA formula. Let me show you how it works…

A = Attention. Your content has to grab the reader’s attention. The best way to get someone’s attention is with your headline, if an ad, or your opening sentence (if you’re speaking.) I have heard that the headline is 80% of the ad’s effectiveness.

I = Interest. After you’ve grabbed their attention, you want to continue to making it interesting. What we’re doing here is not just putting up big, bold words in the headline just to get their attention.

You may have experienced advertising, or content, that did something crazy and shocking to grab your attention, but as soon as that was over and they started talking about their product. You were no longer interested.

There’s advertising, or headlines, that use words just to get your attention, but then the ad,  or headline, has nothing to do with that word. It almost feels like a bait and switch, where they’ve baited you, you go to look at the ad, or read the content, and it has nothing to do with the headline.

D = Desire. After the reader is interested in your ad, or headline, then you want to arouse their desire. The desire of your prospects are simple: they want to be rid of this annoying problem. They want the benefits you can offer them. They want solutions.

You’ll notice many good pieces of content writing, describe what the reader will experience once they’ve improved their health…like more energy, more golf, etc.

A = Action. Action is where you make the offer and then tell them how to contact you or make the purchase. The prospective client must be given a reason – say – to come and see you over all the other offices in town.

This formula that has been effectively working for over 100 years. Unfortunately, many marketers and businesses are not following this simple strategy with their marketing.

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