You Do Want Better Results in Your Facebook News Feeds

What do you need to do to make it into your readers’ Facebook news feeds?

Many people post once a day and think that’s enough. It’s not.

Keep in mind…

Facebook will show your updates to only a small percentage of your readers/fans because of the news feed algorithm.

So, remember…

Post a minimum of 3x a day consistently and post what your readers like = more visibility = more reach = more engagement.


Engagement does relate to reach in your Facebook news feed…

But what does Facebook news feeds and reach have to do with one another?

  • Reach measures the unique number of people who see content connected with your Page
  • The more reach you have, the more possibilities of engagement.
  • This also goes along with the more Page Likes (more fans) that you have, the more possible reach and engagement could happen for your page.

So what’s the takeaway?

Do a lot of guessing, exploring, and testing with your Facebook page posts to help you figure out what your readers will want to see in their Facebook news feeds.


You’ll have to try a lot of different types of content to find what your readers will respond the most to.

  • Post on a regular schedule.
    • Create a content calendar and plan a posting schedule of what/when you’ll post. This really does help you be more strategic and regular in posting.
    • Create and share content that’s visual, relevant, and valuable to your ideal readers.
  • Facebook looks at shares and comments as pulling in more weight than a quick “Like”.
  • I’ve read that an old post is a dead post. This means that you need to post often and consistently.

Get comments and more engagement…

Use the power of your:

Cover Photo

Help your readers make the decision to read more based on what they see in your cover photo.  It’s your billboard! 

facebook-news-feedsProfile Image

Can your readers quickly and easily identify your profile image with what you do or with your brand? Does the image show up clearly in the thumbnail comment area? Does it represent you?

facebook-news-feedsYour Timeline

Post what you know your fans will like and help it be relevant to what you do.

Promote your products/services no more than once a day.

Take a look at Facebook news feeds and the influencers that are similar to you (your competition)…
  • What resonates with you?
  • What attracts you to stop and look – plus like, comment, or share?
  • What pulls you in?

That’s not all…

Mix up posts – Use a 4 to 1 rule

Post 3 valuable informative, entertaining, or fun pieces of content for every 1 promo piece.

  • Being creative can push your posts to get noticed and get others to take action to engage with your content in their Facebook news feeds.
  • Optimize your posts – once you understand what it is that pulls in your readers, do it again and again. 

Now you know that getting your fans and followers to interact with your content in their Facebook news feed is key.facebook-news-feeds

Daily check your Facebook Page insights to help you figure out if what you’re doing is successful in reaching your readers.

Your Facebook insights area is where you can see what’s working with your reader reach and engagement.

This is how you learn to leverage Facebook to make it work for you.

Your daily posts will…

  1. Share rich content, including images, video, and links that include some relevance to you and your work.
  2. Create a dialogue through your posts. Helping others to rally around it and share as they engage with your message.
  3. Your message will be amplified when your readers share your content with their friends
  4. Measure and optimize your posts by using Facebook insights to understand your audience.

Are you thinking about giving your existing Facebook page more attraction power with a bit of a revamping?

Why not find out easy and quick ways you can do this with the 10 Day-Get-It-Done Facebook Challenge??


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