Got Project Goals?

You can accomplish your project goals, when you break your activities down into small chunks.

Project-GoalsIt’s all about looking at your project goals in terms of simple and achievable steps. It’s learning to see the trees, instead of only the forest.

I was visiting with my son, who works full time and is finishing up his degree online as a full time student. He has to complete 12 units within 6 months in order to keep his financial aid coming in. I think it’s outstanding that he is taking care of work, college and has a life…

Being ‘Mom’, I wanted to help.

My first question was:

1. What is your plan for your project goals to complete this?

He didn’t know that yet since he just agreed to this. But, many of us seem to go through this first stage in business and even life and often let it just happen as we try to learn the steps we need to take.

–          Your ability to think, plan, and develop strategies that guide your actions are the foundation key stone of your business success. And, in my son’s case, his college success.

This is the start of realizing your dreams. 

What successes do you want that will depend on your project goals being reached? You want to reap the benefits of your focused work.

2. It really is about breaking down a larger project into manageable chunks.

Your own pioneered framework can be put around this to help become your project goals system…

–          Put together a list of what you need to do.

–          Put your list in order by what needs to be completed by when.

–          Assign deadline dates for each task, starting with the final deadline and working backwards – I like to call it reverse engineering.

–          Giving yourself extra amounts of time for each task—I’ve found that things often take longer than you think. I’ll bet you’ve noticed that also, right?

3. Focus on outcomes rather than activities

–          As your own project manager, knowing your objectives (your project goals’ desired results) increases the chances that you’ll successfully accomplish them.

Empowering you forward.

4. Break down your activities.

–          For example: Instead of having a single activity like “evaluate my study schedule”…break it down further:

–          “12 units, will be 24 hours a week study time”  to be put into your schedule Then, how many hours a day you study?

If you aren’t clear on your goals, remind yourself:

–          Why are you in business? 

–          What are your business goals?

By getting clear on your goals, it’s easier to decide how to spend your time.

One power project goal is raising you and leveraging you as the go-to person in your industry…

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      Thanks Nayna, glad to see you here 🙂

  • April 14, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    I think #4 is key. It’s too easy to think that by writing down an activity on a to-do list, it will magically get accomplished. Breaking it into smaller and smaller pieces, and getting those on your calendar makes it much more likely to happen.
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    • April 15, 2014 at 7:22 am

      So glad you found #4 as the key – braking it down and calendaring it to get done – this is great project management – Thanks, Maura 🙂

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