Online Marketing Site

You’re using an online marketing site to build interest in your business.

Read on for tips about an online marketing site successfully.

Online Marketing Site

Find out what to put on your site and which search engines to list it with, how to expand your presence with social media, bring repeat visitors to your site, and become familiar with online marketing site terms.

Tips for Online Marketing…

Optimize your site for marketing effectiveness:

  • Attract attention with your home page and headline.
  • Maintain interest with text that’s about the visitors to your online marketing site. Visitors always want the WIIFM facts.
  • Build desire with frequently updated educational content directed towards your target market.
  • Include many calls to action. Offer an opt-in box with a compelling offer.

— The opt-in boxes are to collect e-mail addresses to communicate with prospects    and build raving fan relationships.

— Compelling Complimentary Consultation. (Another call to action.)

— The idea for the consultation title is that it needs to be irresistible to your target market.

  • Post your contact information and social media links on every page.
  • Use results of your traffic and sales statistics to improve your site.

— Register your site with Google Analytics.

A Successful Online Marketing site:

Your online marketing site can be a strong marketing tool.

  • It serves as the face your business presents to visitors; rather they are searching for an offline or online site. If visitors find your online marketing site engaging, you’re on your way to increased client relationships and sales.

Tasks of your site:

  • Draw new visitors to your site consistently.
  • Keep them there for several pages. Google Analytics will let you know how long they stay and the pages they visit.
  • Bring them back for repeat visits. Your analytics will also tell you if your visitors are repeat or new to the site.

You will bring visitors to your site when you have the answers to “What’s in it for me?” The WIIFM factor.

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