Need Publicity For Your Blog?

publicity-for-your-blogAs a blogger you are exchanging your words as publicity for your blog. (aka bringing visitors to your blog.)

  • That is putting your content to work for you.

Online, your followers decide if you’ll get the publicity for your blog that you need.

  • So you leverage your content. 

What are just a few content leverage methods and tactics…

#1 Have your own blueprint for using content.

Become the authority in your field using your content to improve the lives of your online visitors.

You can accomplish this by admitting that you are building a marketing strategy, or a plan that includes publicity for your blog, around leveraging your content.

Your objectives:

  • Prospecting (promoting) for blog visitors
  • Increasing your content visibility
  • Growing blog traffic
  • Building your list (lead generation)

How you are sharing your content online to help others solve their problems you can help with, using your plan and publicity for your blog?

#2 Blog what makes sense to you and your audience using your expertise and voice.

This is part of your promotion savvy.

It’s what you love to do and share.

  • You’ll have insights, because you know what your audience wants and likes to hear from you.
  • This aids you on the kind of posts to write and what to emphasize, to grab the attention of your ideal audience and turn them into loyal fans.

#3 Blogging, SEO, and your readers.

I know that none of you write just to attract search engine traffic; your blog is all about your readers and what you want to share.

You’re smart enough to include the keywords you’re targeting into your post title, making it hooky. 

This is also savvy leverage of your posts.

#4 Re-purpose your posts.

  • Break your post into several autoresponder messages to keep your email subscribers updated as you promote your blog posts.
  • Use little tidbits of your posts in Social Media.
  • Compile the posts into a short report. Could be your giveaway, optin offer.
  • Use your short reports in several different ways to grow your online readers and for lead generation.

#5 Your content and influence on Social Media        

That’s using your creative content as another one of your outreach tools.

Your content can be so amazing that your audience can’t help but share it.

Yet, even great content can go unnoticed.

Plan for your targeted promotion to get noticed beyond just putting your url (post links) out there on the web.

  • Ask some key questions to hook your readers, along with that link you put on the Social Media platforms.

Leveraging your content in multiple ways is part of using publicity for your blog. This has the ability to show off your expertise, put your content in motion on the Internet, along with giving your some SEO, Social Media, and lead generation benefits.

And do let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below!

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