Need Some LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn Jay BaerYou can tap into some powerful promotion solutions with LinkedIn Marketing.

LinkedIn marketing can offer an incredible opportunity for a blogger, whether you’re focused on getting more readers to your blog, building your brand, or generating leads.

You already target your online content to your favorite audience as you…

  • Publish content that connects with your audience;
  • Are covering engagement on more Social Media sites;
  • Increase your reach through social sharing and drive quality traffic back your sites.

With your LinkedIn marketing, you can target and join groups your audience has joined. Working it in very similar ways as you do your other Social Media platforms.

But, why use LinkedIn marketing for your blog?

  • Think ‘generating more awareness’.

Because LinkedIn is another content promotion site for you to take advantage of.

The questions you need to know the answers to are the same!

  • Who is your audience that you want to attract?
  • What message are you trying to communicate?
  • What outcome are you trying to achieve?
  • How else can you be communicating this message through LinkedIn?
  • Where do you want to drive your audience to?
  • What kinds of content is driving them there now?
  • What’s your promotion plan?
  • Do you have an optin offer, or landing page set up to properly capture leads?
  • Do You Know Your Blog’s Value Proposition?  <==Click to find your answers.

Know the type of content your Social Media, including LinkedIn, sites expect?

  • Informative
  • Insightful
  • Entertaining
  • Inspirational
  • Educational

Tips to sharing killer content? You know the routine –


What’s in your Social Media Toolkit?

#1 Hooky headlines grab their attention and can mean higher engagement.

#2 Include links with all of your update, giving you more visitors to your site.

#3 Ask questions that are applicable to your audience.

#4 Stand out with your sizzling eye-catching images.

  • Be passionate about social media.
  • Creative and detail-oriented.
  • Proficient in promoting and marketing.
  • Competent in your overall marketing strategy online.
  • I’ve read that images generally result in a 98% higher comment rate on LinkedIn Marketing.

#5 Did you know that LinkedIn marketing definitely includes links to YouTube videos that can play directly in the LinkedIn feeds.

#6 Ignore the noise.

– Clarity and authenticity is always key.

#7 Read and learn more about...“Got Blog Promotion Strategies? < Click on those words.

LinkedIn Marketing allows you to have another Social Media platform to empower you as a savvy blog promoter. Building your audience and readers the way you want.

Develop a content calendar – and stick to promoting all across your networks.

And do let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below!

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