More Twitter Followers

Include more Twitter followers in what you are doing in your business!

To have more Twitter followers means that you will be including anyone that needs to know what you are working on.

I like sprinkling to get more twitter followers:

  • That is, I Tweet with quotes and links of pertinent information throughout the day.
  • I do this automatically to all my Social Media sites – using
  • And, respond to notes and make my own requests to follow others.

More Twitter followers?

1. Look at your followers that you have, and start little conversations – respond back and forth.

  • Take a look at what your Twitter streams are doing –

Recently – I saw a contact on Twitter asking how she could get more connections – so I connected – that was 3 weeks ago – haven’t heard anything.

  • So, remember not to make this mistake; you are building relationships as you get more Twitter followers, and it takes your notice and time to nourish that. It is progressive.

2. Have your articles tweeted and re-tweeted! Ask for a re-Tweet, if you really want this as it will help with more Twitter followers joining your list.

  • You have friends, built relationships – now is the time to ask for their help.

3. And see if you can re-tweet info that you like from others.

Always thank anyone for their re-tweets of your information. I have done several re-tweets – no one has ever said thank you for my re-tweets, except for a big time guru! Of course, that is not how you get more Twitter followers, because it is not nourishing your relationships and it is note getting ‘raving fans’. Just not a good business practice.

This is not new information, we see it wherever we look – but, taking actions on what we read and learn is what makes the difference.

  • Remember to put your Social Media into a process/system so that it is kept upfront in your mind and the minds of your followers.

It is when you give without the expectation of getting something back that people start seeing you as a friend.

Enjoy and have fun – work your systems like you mean it and enjoy the journey!


Donna Ward
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