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  • 4 Simple Steps to Building a Rock-Solid Foundation from which you can create everything else
  • 4 Profitable Processes to Help You M.O.V.E. Forward in the Direction of Your Dreams and Desires
  • 3 Crucial Strategies to Recognize, Allow and Receive Manifestation Opportunities (so they don’t pass you by!)
  • PLUS Identify the Pitfalls that Lead to Self-Sabotage and Cause You to Get Stuck, Frozen and Paralyzed!

I can hardly wait!! This is another huge honor!

Michelle Barr is an Intuitive Success Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, and Expert Thought Leader helping you move forward in all areas to create a life you love. Michelle works with her clients and students intuitively, energetically and strategically to gain clarity while clearing, healing and resolving what is getting in the way.

She is a master at helping you work with the resistance that shows up when you start moving in the direction of your dreams and desires, and she can show you how to clear your “stuff” at the root level so it stops showing up in your life.

Michelle has been a Personal Transformation Specialist for over 20 years and now loves to work with emerging conscious entrepreneurs who want a life of both significance and success. That is what she calls Sacred Success.

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