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How to Jumpstart Your 30-Second Marketing Message...
Tweak Your Talk, Break Through the Noise and Get Noticed

Got 5 Secrets to Your 30-Second Message?

Anyone can do this. Use an astounding message to instantly be a cut above in your networking offline efforts and online content marketing.

  • Share Your Expertise and Grab Their Attention!
  • Your 30-second message is what makes your business "RED HOT".

It’s what makes you different and captures a bold place in the minds of your prospective customers.

The bottom line is that your own big secret advantage is a message that connects you with what you do for others in a vivid and memorable 20 words or less picture.

These proven tactics remind you that YOU REALLY want to show up as that person that is really going to make a fabulous difference and naturally have people talking about you in referral ways.


  1. What it feels like to have your own shortcut to rake in generous attention for your business. Stop prospective customers from slipping through your fingers.
  2. Crack the code for pinpointing your own 30-Second Message and Networking Commercial.
  3. You'll start to use your new knowledge for content and brand messaging.
  4. I will share a 4-step formula to keep on top of your mind as you put together your own lucrative Networking Commercial that can be the foundation of for your content messaging.
  5. You will also learn The 5 most important secret tweaks you should be making to your 30 second message or 3-minute networking commercial and all of your messaging.

How to easily create your own compelling 30-second message to introduce yourself with clarity and confidence, to use over and over to help outline your online content.

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🌟 "I never get tired of the conference calls with my business Coach  Donna Ward today I learned how to close more deals by simply being more human. Not just promoting my websites. By simply talking to one another. So much info. Can’t wait to get started. ”  Nina - Photography by Hart
🌟 Donna is the coach we all wish we had years sooner. She gets it, and gets to it, not for you but WITH you. I love the way Donna walked me through logical progression of my business development planning and was good at helping me hold to my plan. Authentic, genuine and sincere, I enjoy working with Donna.“ Bob Forshay