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Did you find yourself thinking this is just not something I am ready to do? Yet – This doesn’t have to be difficult. This free course for list building – is the vehicle to promote whatever it is you want to promote, whether it be an affiliate program, your newsletter, or your own product.

You won’t want to contact your list everyday, maybe twice a week with about 200 words, and give links of interest (remember affiliate links every so often), when you have something substantial to email to them. This keeps your list happy, and not full of junk emails that no one will end up reading.

The best way to create your free course is to write 5 or so articles yourself on the subject your promoting and putting it into a free course.

The problem most people have when they try and do this is that they try and write thousands of words all at once and they get tired and never complete it.

If you break it down into sections, it’s a lot easier. For example, if I was to write a free course on creating your own fishing lures for profit, I would write something like this.

Article 1: Why fishing lures are so profitable

Article 2: How to create your own fishing lures from your table

Article 3: How to automate the whole lure making process

Article 4: How to market your lures offline

Article 5: How to market your lures on a budget online

And in each of these articles, I would weave an affiliate link into somewhere or mention my newsletter or give a free offer. The information has to be of high quality and not just a blatant plug-a-thon. If you do this, you will certainly get a lot of people unsubscribing from your list.

The strategies used in this promotion can always be used in your online marketing. You will need to always choose the right content to share with your prospects, and learn how to differentiate what you give away for free from what you will be selling online.

I now invite you to claim your Free ebook – 2011 Marketing Worksheet and get involved in the “Email List Building Mini-Course” offered on my own blog – Contact me and find out more about building your business and what is stopping you from moving forward by visiting with Coach Donna L. Ward, and get started right away putting structure to marketing and your online presence.

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List Building Secret – Setup A Free E-Course

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