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My own Affiliate Marketing Mentor just recommended that I go through 10 hours of training from Lee McIntyre. He’s the former high school teacher from the UK who has had great success since coming online in 2007. So, of course, being the good ‘action’ minded student that I am, I did just that!

They say this is controversial new video revealing what it REALLY takes to build a massive online business from scratch…
During this short presentation Lee McIntyre outlines the BRUTAL TRUTH why most beginner marketers DON’T make even one cent online.

Lee McIntyre breaks down the process of building your online business into simple steps, that we all can do. As I watched the introductory video, just the beginning of 10 hours of training for less than twenty dollars, I realized that it seems we  all make this business much more complicated than it needs to be.

I suggest you check it out, also. Click below or copy and paste the link:

I did ‘opt in’ – giving my name and email, so that I could receive his info and be on his list.

I then had an opportunity to view a 35 minute free coaching video that I realllllly enjoyed! I hope that you take advantage of this great opportunity to grow your business for such a fabulous price.

Lee does things very differently from other guru marketers and trainers. But then most aren’t making 7 figures a year – yes, over a million dollars – like he is. So very cool!

This training is $19.95, but it will seem like he is offering so much more.  I’d like you to see if you think this is worth twenty dollars to you. It works out to about two dollars an hour for what you will receive. But, the real value is what you will do with what you learn!

Click for Your Info

I have already learned and am inspired to take action!
He uses the ‘upsell’ 3 times, but for now get the $19.95
training first to make sure you want to continue to learn from Lee.

I feel compelled to bring you experts and fantastic deals when I come across them. Be sure to let me know what other types of info you would like to know more about in building your business and getting rid of the blocks in your way.

A great affirmation: ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’ – fits this training.

Be Persistent  and Never, ever, stop believing in yourself or what you are doing in your business.

You know that if you need me to help you with any of this, just let me know. And, be sure to check out my Resources for ideas. When you are ready to build your blog, let me know!

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