How to Get New Clients

Do you know how to get new clients? All the new clients you can handle online and offline?

Many of my own clients have questions about how to get new clients using social media, email marketing or building their client relationships.

How to get new clients is part of your client relationship building system and it goes beyond good customer service. If you truly care about your clients, then they’ll care about you to grow your business!

While working with my own clients recently I was asked a couple of questions about how to get new clients and I thought my answers might be helpful for you.

1. Do you think that there is one social media site that is better than others for promoting my business and is there a primary site that will help me in how to get new clients?

That is a big question! My answer is No. They all have their benefits – I like to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I do favor the Facebook interaction, and then LinkedIn more for myself. I think the answer lies in knowing your prospective client and where they hang out. If you are looking for business owners you might want to be active on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as having a presence on Twitter. Don’t forget to spend at least 15 minutes (twice a day, if possible) to build relationships here and have fun attracting your type of clients.

2. I have a small email list, what can I do to get more people to join it?

If you have started collecting names and emails, then you have an opt-in box with a valuable giveaway; and this is a part of your system in how to get new clients. Many sites I view have their opt-in box in mellow colors, non-exciting words, and in the middle or lower part of their page (column). Put that exciting opt-in offer in bright colors at the top of your page, you want people to see it right off!

My favorite and easiest way to bring people onto my list is to blog. Blogging has many benefits:

· Helps improve SEO ranking for your site because you update your site information 3X a week regularly with keyword optimization.
· You can automate sharing your blog posts on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to get people to read it, subscribe, and then hopefully opt-in to your list.
· You can repurpose your posts and submit articles that bring people back to an opt-in page.
· Blogging and writing articles are great ways for people to find out that you do know what you are talking about.

Serious about your new bu

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