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You know that a Facebook Business Page has become all the rage for large and small businesses! A lot of people are creating content, interacting in with businesses on the Facebook Business Page (commenting, contributing, etc).

Indeed, Facebook now has over 500 million active users. If you’re in business online or brick and mortar, those numbers probably have you drooling right now.

Just think – 500 million users all gathered in one place. And best of all, they tend to be organized according to their interests (i.e., by niche). What good is that to you? Well, if you don’t know, we really need get you some sales and marketing training!

Which brings us to the million-dollar question:

· How do you tap into this pool of prospects for maximum profits?

You can build a responsive mailing list using your own Facebook Business Page, including:

1. Selecting a Strategy – You can find out the best way to tap into Facebook for maximum fun and profits! That is why there are Small Business and Entrepreneur Coaches to mentor you and help you leverage your marketing:

  •  === Do you have a product to sell that you can really get behind? Creating products of your own… whether you’re building an affiliate business, or you have a somewhat traditional business and you’re looking to expand using the Internet.

How do you do this?

  • Maybe you’ve been writing articles, already have a blog and then you created an e-book product from this. Maybe you’ve created something that was somewhat more challenging. This is developing your personal business brand – the one thing that differentiates you – aligned with your values and business model/plan.

2. Setting Up Your Business Page – There is a quick and easy way to set up your Facebook Business Page and add an email subscription form. I have actually done this for a ‘rockstar’ entrepreneur – she was very pleased and excited with the new opt-in welcome – helping to gather a few more to her list.

  • Sharing Your Business Page With the World – You’ll want to learn how to get all the eager traffic you need to build a big mailing list.

Ok – So, how does creating products aligned with your values and strengths (your business model/plan) have anything to do with attracting fans to your Facebook Business Page… and build your ‘raving fans’ base???

Success in your Business is 90% Preparation. Set things up beforehand so when you do your marketing, prospects flow through your sales and marketing funnel.

  • If you haven’t prepared your “marketing funnel”, helping your clients to easily flow through your funnel, then you are likely working way too hard with minimal results.

Prepare to succeed and keep focused on what matters to ensure it.

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