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Here are just a few email marketing tips. But understand them well. Learning a few email marketing tips is just the start of email marketing success and sales for your business.

We don’t normally send marketing emails for just fun. The purpose is to convince those who receive your email to act on it.

  • You want the recipients to buy what you are selling, rather it is a program or your services.
  • You want them to click on the links you supplied and buy what you are selling.
  • And you want to train them to click on those links – so every email needs to have a link, rather it is to your blog, sales page, or an affiliate sales page.

The object of a marketing email is to sell the products or services that you are recommending in it.

You really do need to keep your eye on your goal while you are composing
your marketing emai

Remember that the average email user does not actually read their email from you.

They scan the email. Their attention spans are notoriously short and you just don’t have the luxury of a long winded sales pitch.

Long blocks of text will go unread. Not only will it not be read it will be the cause of your email being deleted. People are not patient.

The goal is to get them to make a purchase and not bore them in the process.

  • The very best marketing emails are short.
  • They have short sentences.
  • They have short paragraphs.
  • They have bullet points that outline the top 3 or 4 top selling points of the product or service that you are promoting.

Your email marketing tips and goals are for:

1. Building relationships;
2. Visibility + credibility; and
3. Selling your product or services.

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