Email List Building Marketing

Email List Building Marketing is one of your best online promotional tactics.

Do I need to repeat that? Just read that first line again!!

You can use email marketing to stay in touch with your clients. You can easily create high-impact emails that are as professional as your business (check out the email templates you get when you use AWeber). With email marketing you can promote specials, make announcements, educate your customers and build long lasting relationships.

But how do you get prospective clients to your blog or website to begin with?
Check these products out – some are free and some are extremely ‘cheap’ but, don’t
let ‘cheap’ fool you – they are each loaded with extremely valuable learning tools!!
So take advantage of each – grow and be your best success story…

Now for a Technology Tip reminder:
You must know how many people are visiting your sites, where they are coming from, and what they do while they are there.
  • Use the ‘Google Analytics for WordPress’ plugin for this. It will ask for your Analytics info, which you will have after you sign up for an account at Google Analytics at no cost.

My mentor reminded me of that she heard this saying a few years ago:

Know your numbers – increase your income
No numbers – stagnant income.

Here are 3 really great products at great prices!
You really can’t lose – but, you defintely will learn and grow your business.
2.  My newest popular $7 course, in a report, is
3.  7 Minute Article Secrets How to Write a 400 Word Article
In 7 Minutes Or Less… Including Research & Proof Reading!

So why and how does article marketing affect your website analytics?

You write articles for more traffic, visibility, & income. You drive traffic to your website with articles and you read the analytical data to see which articles did the work for you. And, it is free –
well, it does take your time. Or if your time is valuable, you can pay to be coached through this
process much more quickly. That is where I come in, again, to help you more quickly and that makes it more fun to see your results actually happen as your business coach.

So start on each of these items above and learn – put what you learn into action and grow your business.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not the attainment. Full effort is full victory.” I can’t agree more! In very simple terms, more effort equals to more money (results). You’re not going to see anything if you just sit there and do nothing. It just doesn’t work that way.

P.P.S For your information, I get commissions when you decide to try “product” since I’m an affiliate. However, it doesn’t affect you so don’t worry.
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Email List Building Marketing

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