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FreeDigitalPhotos.netWhen you think of and write your business action steps, remember you don’t have to do everything. You just have to be consistently persistent with what you do.

  • Goals are what you “plan” to accomplish. And, business action steps come from your planning – then take you to your goals.

So, write your goals down. Then, start filling in the blanks.

  • I like to say bridge the GAP, between Point Z (where you see your business) and Point A (where you are now in your business). The act of writing your ideas down will force you to think in actual terms. This is the birth of your action plan.

Follow that action all the way. Consistently and persistently.

As a business, rather you are a consultant or small business owner; you need to have some sort of idea of your goals for that next project.  Know that having your goals broken down into smaller steps will make it a lot easier for you to achieve your goals.

I know many of us find goal setting boring – Here is my own solution for that.

When I have a project – like the List Builder Summit event (huge project for me) – I write out my ‘homework’ after I draw out a mind map (from my research points)..

  • Then I take the first step – put what I need to do on my calendar for the date I want it done by. (I usually put it a few days ahead – with a note of when it is needed to be done.)

So, let’s say that I needed to contact 12 A-listers to request them to speak on our telesummit (which I am in the process of doing now)…

  • I write out what I need to do – then I put those steps on the calendar.
  • Calendar notes – Write list of speakers to contact – after researching –  for Monday (3-4 hours)
  • Note on calendar – Write email request template for speakers – (Tuesday – 15 mins) and finish up Monday’s contact list, if not done.
  • Wednesday calendar notes – Review email templates and send out to at least 12 possible speakers – Wednesday (2-3 hours)

Well you get the idea – so my goal here is to ask 12 people to speak on this telesummit by Wednesday – sounds a bit overwhelming. But, when I break it down and have it on my calendar as a reminder step to reach my goal, it is so much more manageable – actually motivating me to get it done. And, work it in a consistent way.

I know, I really know, that the first action will lead to a second action, which will lead to a third, and so on. And, once you start taking those actions to reach your goal, opportunities open up. Your goals become attainable; your vision starts to become a reality; and you are so much more confident in moving ahead in your business and life.

Be persistent and consistent with your business action steps, stay aware, keep alert, and take advantage of what comes into your business journey.

And, I know that in my example above, that it does take several more steps before I start seeing the end results. We need to always keep moving onward and forward.

Once you decide to commit to you business path, it will start to light up for you, one brilliant step at a time.

A personal request from Donna Laree – I always want to hear from you:

  • Did the above points resonate with you?
  • Do you disagree?
  • Do you have an insight to add?
  • Do you have questions about the material?

If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts & questions. Please feel free to comment on the above article on my corresponding blog post here.

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