A Lean Mean Business Plan?

A-Lean-Mean-Business-Plan?How do you go about creating a lean mean business plan?

  • Know where want to go from where you are today, and start.

That means building a healthy and strong plan for your success.

Helping to keep you on course and reminding you how are you going to get from point a, to b, to point d, and so on.

When you have a road map for where you’re going, you can better keep on course. You can  have your own personalized blueprint, your road map for YOUR business success.

This is your own business and market planning that adds to you being able to articulate and speak more easily about your business. 

==> Sure you can take actions daily as you think of them.

Or, use a plan and take action on your plan with the least amount of detours.

  • Helping you get what you want much more quickly.
  • Keeping you out of overwhelm, gaining clarity, and building your confidence.

You can take a few minutes a day to write out your plan…

  • But, know this isn’t about writing.

It’s about making sure you have your mindset ready for what’s ahead.

  • You can begin to see the big picture this way.
  • You have intention
  • You have a focus for your destination.

It’s like you saying, ‘I want to go to New York from California. And, I have my plan on how to get there the best way for me.’

Business planning isn’t just a stuffy old idea – it is deeper than that. Writing out your own plan, making adjustments as you go, writing out action steps taken from this, and then actually starting is part of you growing into your business.

Our own business day to day work has a lot of distractions that keep us from what really matters. Each of us has been taught, or learned, at some level to put off what is most important to us and to buy into the myth that there is always tomorrow to get to the ‘real deal’ in life.

You can be ready to take action on what you KNOW to be true, that you have a purpose, skills, and gifts to offer the world and the only way to lasting peace and fulfillment is to express these gifts to as many people and in as many ways as you possibly can.

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“Having step by step works really well for me. Like the exercise – another motivator to call clients and create a testimonial page – learning through the Inner Circle.”  Frankie Jones Lips at Last

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      I appreciate that, Sharyn — Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  • February 7, 2014 at 9:47 am

    This is really useful for me- I will try put it into action. Thanks!

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      Thank you — I am so glad you found it useful and hope to see you back often.


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