3 Triggers to Tapping Into Purpose

Transformation TreasuresYour Business Journey Starts…

Have you found that it takes training and trial and error through implementation to know and package your purpose in a way that communicates the treasures you offer?

If you’ve been following me awhile, you’ll see how many changes I’ve gone through, and still am going through, on my blog and messaging.

Of course, we want to keep refining the structure and appearance of our ideas and reasons for being in business based on our business purpose.

But, I have noticed the more I am inspired, by my coaches, my clients, and what I see, the more…

• Perfect clients start asking more questions of me. As they are attracted to me and my message.

And, I’ve seen myself and my own clients have these…

3 Outcomes of Tapping Into Your Purpose

1. You become open to more opportunities that you didn’t notice before.

–   Making business and life more exciting as you are ready at that perfect time to achieve your business goals.

You’ll be perceived as an expert and a leader in your group of perfect prospects and clients.

2. Your marketing, or networking, message stands out as the backbone of creating your business successes with more flow and ease.

  • It means you understand the real solutions to real problems to people who really want to be a part of your purpose – your offering.

– This is what helps ideal prospects understand that you ‘get’ their pain, have a solution that shows a transformation, and makes your business compelling and magnetic to others.

3. Clarity, which brings better strategies in what, when, and how you offer your ideal clients outcomes they want.

– When you can answer the question, ‘So what do you do?’ in a way that truly captures their attention about what you offer…you are starting to understand, capture, and communicate your own purpose of why, how, what, and what you have to offer that they want.

  • Answering that question easily is part of your own growth as an entrepreneur. Turning your purpose into an understanding for you and others.

And, you can do that in a way that is just so irresistible that your ideal prospective clients see pleasure in the treasure you have for them.

When you know your own purpose and how that can transform their pain into great, healthy outcomes for your ideal clients, it is telling them what is so exciting about you and them working together.

  • This is the door opening for selling conversations that enable your ideal prospective clients to sell themselves on wanting to know more about what you can do for them.

treasure mapWhat does your Treasure Map into Purpose look like?

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