3 Secrets to Overcome Sales Resistance

 Selling comes down to people.Selling our products and services always comes down  to people.

We want our prospects to lean naturally into becoming our clients. It is learning how to sale in the ways that our prospective clients want. Making it all about them.

  • None of us like resistance in a sales conversation. But, worse is resentment.

So think about it. We don’t buy because the sales person told us to.

1. Before we even start to think about selling, we need to know who wants to talk to us, and who we would enjoy talking to.

  • I’ll share a quick story here…

When I returned to networking offline, I called everyone I met at the meetings.

  • Discovering the majority of them, well, they didn’t want to speak to me. Literally. They said things like, ‘I’m changing my grandaughter’s diaper’, and hung up. Or said they would return my call, never hearing from them, again.

Now I’m a friendly type of person, and a great listener, so I couldn’t understand how this could be.

  • Well, truth be told, I had to go through this a lot for me to really ‘get it’.

They were not the people I wanted to talk to either.

I needed to learn 2 things quickly…

2. Where did my ideal prospect hang out.

Because I certainly wasn’t going to the right places.

  • If we’re talking to the wrong people, learning how to sale better isn’t going to help out.

To really figure out where we can connect with our ideal prospect, we need a solid understanding of our prospect. We need to really ‘get them’ and get that ‘gut’ feeling that this is the type of person we want to work with.

That is part of our business savvy.

Then we find where they hang out.

  • Build that relationship, and
  • Be there often, so they can also introduce us to others like them.

3. Next I needed to make my networking commercial enticing and pull them into my world.

Building a solid rapport, helping us both feel more comfortable.

My goal is to always start with a clear message of who I serve and how I can serve them, and explain the transformations I offer, that they hope for and want.

  • I want to be engaging and keep their attention. So hopefully, they remember me when I call and they’ll be willing to take time to visit.

As a small business, I really do understand that my short and long-term successes largely depend on the gift of these contacts as great business relationships.

I’ve discovered that when I find the right audience and have the right message for them, and deliver it with clarity, and in an appealing way, they want to visit with me.

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