3 Keys to Successful Strategic Planning

3-Keys-Successful-Strategic-PlanningStrategic planning has long been used as a tool for transforming and revitalizing businesses.

  • Your purpose of strategic planning is to outline where you want your business to go and how it’s going to get there

But, what does it takes for a plan and the process to succeed?

Your plan put into action has conditions for success…

–          A successful plan, by definition, is a plan you’ll use.

–          Your strategic plan is your tool that gives you guidance to fulfilling your mission with efficiency and impact.

  • And, articulates specific goals and actions steps.
  • Noting the resources you’ll need to help make it happen.

Key #1 What are you hoping to achieve?

–          Client solutions that help you get noticed.

–          Certainly the motivation to achieve higher satisfaction and sales, which is in part tied to money.

Key #2 Translating your strategies into results. Implementation.

–          This means getting an action plan together. Turning your strategies into action through processes, systems and routines, for moving forward.

–          Being successful is not about sitting down, being real smart, and figuring it out all at once. It just doesn’t work that way. You’ll researching and experimenting. The faster you can learn, the faster you will meet your objectives.

  • Creating income producing activities on a daily basis.

Key #3 Aligning your activities with your customer and your business goals.

–           Your goal is to  gain your customers’ attention, then create an unbreakable relationship.

–          Creating a strong brand and customer loyalty is delivering on your promise.

Sound business planning helps you keep focused and avoids you drifting off into Wonderland. This is your chance to build on your business’s strengths, putting your goals into practice and achieve your vision.

REPEAT your process once a year. And, review often.

Your strategic planning will:

–          Make sure you know your customer base.

–          Give you more clarity in how to move forward and corner a share of your market in the immediate, medium term and longer term future.

  •  You can define your successful strategic planning for promoting your business using a range of methods and media. And, have fun as you enjoy it becoming a reality.

And this is the big one we always keep on our mind:

  • Become a business that your customers can believe in and count on and they’ll be loyal to you, and bring new customers to you. That’s a pretty sound marketing strategy!

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      Thank you, Kristin – I appreciate that! Hope to see you here again 🙂

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    Donna, greetings! I’m visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. You cover some very important points! I’m especially focused on list-building right now, so you hit a hot topic for me, mentioning the importance of that. Thanks!
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      So glad you found this topic timely – and I hope to see you on our Build Your Business, Build Your List Calls – starting again Jan 2 at 9 am! 🙂

  • December 24, 2013 at 9:35 am

    Hi Donna,

    Each step you list is crucial in the process so it is important to take each serious. One mistake can set yourself up for failure if you have not thought it through well enough. You don’t want to be working everyday with something that was doomed for failure from the beginning as it can kill your motivation.
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    • December 24, 2013 at 3:19 pm

      Thanks so much Jason, for your comment and I am grateful for your thoughts! So glad to see you here!!

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