Need Ideas for Blog Posts?

ideas-for-blog-postsI’ve read that a good writing equation to help with ideas for blog posts would be this:

Interesting Ideas (for you and your reader) + Clear Communication = Great Content

I still get stuck in my own blogging ideas rut sometimes.

How about you, where to you get those interesting ideas?

I hope you don’t mind if I share a bit of my process?

Now I don’t create my ideas for blog posts as much as I research with a purpose and discover ideas. Read more

8 Benefits You Can Get From Your Blog (even if you don’t write that often)

The following is a guest post by Tom Treanor at (

Tom Treanor, Guest Blogger

I often talk to small business owners and talk about lead generation strategies. When we discuss blogging, occasionally someone will say, “I don’t have time to blog!”. I’ll tell them, “Well, if you do it right, you can get significant benefits even if you don’t blog often.” Here are some of the tangible and significant benefits that you can get from blogging, even with just a few well-written posts.

What you can gain from blogging for your small business:

1) Show your expertise to potential clients

Potential clients will often look at your blog before meeting you. Having key posts that shows your thought leadership is a great way to get a leg up on your competition.

2) “Pre-qualifies” your company in the client’s eyes Read more

Guest Blogging Strategies

Do you know what guest blogging is and how it can be used as one an effective promotional strategy?

To be in the SEO top page rank (PR) may take effort, goal setting, scheduling, and time, but it will prove worth it.  Your business coach can hold you accountable and help you see through this great process!

Part 1 of Guest Blogging – Aim High – ‘you’ll never know unless you ask’ is a saying I really aim at a fair bit.  You might just be surprised. I’ve asked ‘A-listers’ from time to time to come post something for me  – and guess what? Read more

5 Ideas for Your Blog Posts

5 Ways to Find Blogging Ideas

There is no need to ever run out of ideas for articles or blog posts, you could write posts for days and still never run out of ideas. I mostly feel like I am dry when I am tired or in a rush – so take a calm breath or a short walk and come back because you can:

1. Read Within Your Online or Offline Niche

Pretty obvious one that, but one you might have forgotten.  Subscribe to blogs and websites within your niche.  Search for articles that others have written – not to copy, but to inspire. Read more

3 Tips Get More Comments on Your Blog

Get Blog Comments and FeedbackComments are the lifeblood of any truly successful blog.

And, using strategies to help your visitors want to stay is a very smart move to learn.  

Think about this ‘1 out of 100 readers comment on your blog’ – from

I know I want more interaction and great questions – I want to build a community with my blog. So, I want to encourage comments.

These are some of the steps I have found that work…

Tip #1 Ask your visitors to comment.

I have seen many bloggers ask their readers to leave a comment. As a writer, we really do want to hear what they think of what we just said.

I often do this on Facebook also – I’ll post my blog entry and ask others what they think about the information and what strategies they have used or would need help with.

Tip #2 Repost or Reference Comments

One great way to draw in readers and to encourage them to comment more frequently is to reward them when they do it.

Example: If someone makes a great remark about your post, then it may make sense to comment on it explicitly.

You can do this by quoting part or all of the comment, mentioning the poster by name, and then saying something complimentary or funny about his or her post.

If you do this in a way that makes people feel involved and recognized for their effort, then they’re more likely to contribute in the future. Others, seeing this, will also contribute.

Tip #3 Maintain Their Attention

I love giving hope and inspiration to others – that’s why I write. Because most people simply don’t believe in themselves.

I try to write in a way that let’s my readers know that they can do this. I don’t want them to just gloss over what I’ve written.

  • I want my readers to take action and get going and growing in their business and changing their lives.

What are you passionate about? Do you share that with your audience?  I certainly know I am not good at this, Yet – I try to share in a way that I would like to learn. And, I know I can be a bit too ‘just the facts’  type of writer.

  • But, I so want my readers to learn and engage, that I do need to work on this more.

How do you share with your audience?

Our goal is to keep the discussion going well after the blog entry has ended. And send a signal to new visitors that other people find the blog post interesting and worthwhile.

If you want to ensure that your blog becomes successful, retains visitors, and encourages visitors to stay longer and to become more active, then you need to do whatever you can to try to draw more comments.

So if your blogging is getting a bit boring, experimentation helps you not only learn what works, it also helps you learn what your audience wants.

I know that learning is fun and safe. But, we do want our readers to take action and get rewarded from their actions. That way they may remember that we helped them along the way and they may comment on that and even start wanting to get to know more about us and our business.

How are you working on growing your blog community? What did I miss?

Please do leave it in the comments!  😮