Put your affiliate marketing on autopilot

Instead of just creating a 7 to 12 part autoresponder series, you can create a series that lasts for three months, six months, twelve months or more.

For example, a one-year auto-responder series would mean you’d just need to create 52 weekly messages with evergreen content that promotes evergreen products. Then you can focus on building your list and let your “autopilot sales funnel” close the sales and put money in your pocket!

Example: You can create a 52-message series such as “52 Weight Loss Tips” or “52 Ways to Make $100.”

Tip: Show your readers that you care. If you treat your newsletter subscribers and prospects like mini ATMs (cash machines), they’ll sense it. And they’ll run away from you faster than a cat trying to avoid a bath.Instead, you need to show your readers you care.

Show them some empathy. Let them know that you understand their problems, and that you truly want to help them. You do this by:

  • Empathizing (e.g., “I know how embarrassing it is to have your dog practically knock your guests over…”).
  • Being honest with your product reviews.
  • Promoting only GOOD products.
  • Recommending the best product, even if it is a free product. (This doesn’t put money in your pocket in the short term, but doing so builds trust… and that means more money in the long term.)

Tip: Keep your subscribers reading. Sometimes when you offer a freebie as an ethical “bribe” to get prospects to join your list, these subscribers take their freebie and then stop reading your newsletter. And that means you don’t get an opportunity to build a relationship (much less make an affiliate sale).

The solution?

Send an unannounced freebie in the very first email you send out. Plus, let your new subscribers know that they’ll soon receive more “mystery bonuses.” (And follow through on your promise by sending out freebies about once a month.)

This little step will keep your subscribers opening your emails and reading them. And that gives you an opportunity to build a relationship and sell more affiliate products to them. Indeed, you may even turn a “freebie seeker” into a valuable customer!

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