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Learn How to Build a List from Scratch and Double Your List This Year With Teleseminars

Whether you’re just starting out as a business owner or have been established for years, it’s likely you’ll continually need to grow your online list. You can build your list and bring more money in
with your own teleseminars no matter what product or service you sell.

From service-based income streams to online or offline, event-based income streams, “guest” interview that help create income streams to paid program models—you’ll discover it ALL. Learn more about this program here.


Tap Into Facebook Marketing Strategies Training

Whether Facebook marketing is for a blog, a business, an author or a musician marketing strategies and plans can and must be set out – then implemented.

There are Key Goals for Facebook Marketing which we all need to keep in mind:

  1. Building Credibility – Facebook is a real time media where you can publish the latest events, updates in your niche or business, and blog posts.
  2. Increasing Facebook Likes –This is where your fans can be engaged as part of your community from initial low level interest to a raving fan.
  3. List Building –  You do need calls to action to ensure that something happens.

Learn more about this program here.


Why Write an Ebook?

Brand yourself, get much higher visibility and credibility as you share.

Whether you’ve ever wanted to earn something in addition to your work or share your knowledge with other people you can turn that passion into profits. It makes sense that you can generate more interest, more subscribers and sales when you show off your expertise with ebooks.

Learn more about this program here.


What is Your Magnetic Message for Your Customers?

Whether you realize it or not, YOU have knowledge that people will gladly pay for. But you can’t just grab any words YOU like to communicate your solutions.

===> Okay – You understand your market, your outline of objectives is in place, and you’re crystal-clear on your strategy,. It’s time to talk tactics – the tools and methods you will use to achieve your objectives.

===> Now the world needs to know about you…Are you ready to put yourself out there and get it? Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

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Learn How a Blog Can Literally Transform
Your Small Business In 30 Days or Less. Learn more at…

I am going to reveal my simple, step-by-step system so that YOU can tap into this low-cost, high-impact strategy.

Even if you already have a blog. Or you want to know more and possibly start your own blog. Your questions will be answered and guidance given…
  • What do I need to set up a blog?
  • How can I post to my blog?
  • What is RSS?
  • I run a business, what good is a blog to me?
  • What can a blog can do for your small business?
  • What is SEO and how do I get free Search Engine Optimization?
  • And, so very much more!

This Course Is Designed Specifically For The Small Business Owner on a Budget and Time Constraints…


This last year, I taught a lot of unique ways to use articles. I try to do what works in a way that distinguishes itself from others. My newest popular ebook is on

How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Site With Articles.

  • Learn how to pull in subscribers and explode your opt in list without breaking the bank.
  • Your business will benefit from various Internet marketing methods. This is a way to make your business be seen and felt.

Let me clue you in right now as to what will DEFEAT you as an Internet business person: distractions. You’ll have a gazillion offers coming at you from all sides. You’ll get confused. You’ll get a serious case of “information overload”. And you won’t know what to do next. It’s probably already happened to you, right? So, stick to your plan – a plan of writing one article a day will get your visitors to your site. Convert those visitors through relationship marketing and your sales will be coming in to empower your business into reaching your lifestyle vision.

How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Site With Articles

Only $7 for this e-book!

Unlike most Internet marketers, I have a background in real world business. So when I wanted to really promote myself online I had some ideas of how to do this. And, of course, I did get caught up in all the free information. Getting very ‘sidetracked’.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love free info. However… I was just jumping around here and there until… well I got so frustrated and needed to settle into a system. A system that would help me bring traffic to my blog and get me known. I discovered that:
I needed to have in place a way to —
1. Build MY list!
2. Build MY brand! (Which is my name, domain name, what I’m known for.)
3. Build MY credibility! (Through the content I share and the value I offer.)

When I first put my blog up, it was to experiment more with what I was coaching my clients in.  Most of my business coaching was really not concerned with Internet Marketing or Email List Building. But, I wanted to expand, and some of my clients were moving in that direction. So, I researched and found my own wonderful mentor. She helped me narrow my online niche down to what I was looking for.

That was traffic and list building – bringing traffic to my site, without spending a lot of money, and helping others understand this better, without all the ’fluff’ and ’hype’. I wanted to help others learn and grow. I wanted my clients to understand that they, too, could grow their business online – with focus and persistence – once they had a path to start on.

Either way you can’t lose. It is now a $7 E-book that you can download at How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Site With Articles.