Boosting Conversions for Your Affiliate Marketing Sales

You already know that you shouldn’t send your traffic directly to the product sales page. Instead, you should build a list and then pitch products. But you shouldn’t even send your list members directly to a sales page. Read on…

Tip: Write product reviews. One of the best ways to pre-sell a product is to write a product review. But don’t just list all the positive points. You need to list the product flaws, too. And that’s because your prospects know that the product isn’t perfect. If you try to present it as a perfect product, they won’t trust you… nor will they buy from you.

Example: “This homeschooling kit offers awesome lessons plans for science, history and English. However, the math plans leave something to be desired. That’s because… {reasons}”

Tip: Create product comparisons. If you’re reviewing two or more similar products, then you can pre-sell both of them by doing a product comparison instead.

Just like the product review, you need to present both products honestly (flaws and all). You should also conclude by giving your recommendation for which product your readers should buy. If the products target those with slightly different needs, then tell your readers who should buy the product.

Example: “If you’re mainly interested in learning more about the exercise plans that will help you lose weight, then get [name of product]. If you’re more interested in having a complete menu plan, then get [name of product]…”

Tip:Write pre-sell pitches. Sometime you may not pre-sell with a product review. Instead, you pre-sell the product using a direct pitch, which is where you highlight the main benefits of the product. That way, your subscriber is ready to buy the product before they even see the sales page.

Extra Tip: A pre-sell pitch works best when you send it to your list, since they already know and trust you. If you’re pulling in traffic from other sources, then you’ll likely do better offering reviews and comparisons.

Donna Ward

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